Purchasing GrowCut 3.0: instruction

(If you purchased GrowCut 2.0 before, use the upgrade instruction instead to buy with discount.)
  1. Download GrowCut 3.0 and install it, if you haven't done this yet:

     GrowCut3.0_Setup.exe (5 MB)

    Please make sure that it works for you before purchasing!
  2. Click the following link (opens in new window) and fill all the details to make the payment: Buy GrowCut via share-it »
    Price: $60 + Tax/VAT in certain countries
  3. Shortly you will receive an e-mail with your registration key.
  4. Start your graphics editor and invoke GrowCut 3.0. Click Register...:
  5. Copy your registration key and paste it to the corresponding field and click Register:
  6. Click OK and restart GrowCut (no need to restart the graphics editor).

    If registration was successful, you won't see the unregistered version window.
Contact us if you have any problems purchasing GrowCut.