GrowCut 3.0 User's Guide: Overview


Welcome to GrowCut 3.0!

GrowCut is an interactive image cutout&matting tool designed to extract solid or opaque objects as well as objects having smooth or fuzzy edges. Image cutout is the process of removing or isolating an object in a picture. Using advanced image segmentation algorithms GrowCut 3.0 surpasses all other existing cutout programs in feedback time, speed and ease of use. By drawing only vague strokes inside and outside the object, user can segment even most complex images.

Matting technology, formerly available as a separate plug-in GML Matting, allows accurate, user-controllable extraction and editing of fuzzy edges, which is essential for creating believable composites.

Interface screenshot


The extracted object can then be combined with another image or individually filtered in the host application:

Original image Image with a blurred background
Original image Blurring the background
(simulating depth-of-field)

Composite onto a new background
Composite image